Aussie Smoke Bloke Cold Smoker

Aussie Smoke Bloke Cold Smoker

Aussie Smoke Bloke Cold Smoker

"The Aussie Smoke Bloke" has successfully brought food smoking into the modern era with real, pure, clean smoke.

Make your own Cold Smoked cheese, fish, chicken, meats, bacon, salt, tomato's, garlic, sorbets, yoghurt, butter, chilli's & more.

'If you can eat it you can smoke it!'

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Cold smoke is a wet smoke that has far superior adhesion and greater penetration than hot smoke.

Hot smoking cooks the product, but high-protein foods (bacon, pork and chicken) are usually only penetrated by the hot smoke for 15 minutes or less. Any further smoke just coats the exterior, often resulting in a bitter taste. Similar to sealing a steak, moisture is locked in and infusion is locked out; the heat has created a ‘cooked’ seal.

Cold smoking does not cook, therefore allowing the smoke to infuse for much longer. Traditionally, cold smoking relied on minimal heat so it wouldn’t cook the product, thus giving only minimal smoke. We have all heard the old “4, 8, 12, 16+ hour smoke” – but the Smoke Bloke actually pushes hours of smoke into 1 hour or less.

Best of all, minimal atmospheric exposure to food dramatically reduces the chance of bacterial contamination. Think of the Smoke Bloke as the microwave of smoking without cooking!

Comes fully assembled. No assembly required. Ready to use.

Fully welded steel chamber with custom made threaded solid brass fittings.

No fiddly screwed bases or ill fitting cap lids.  

High heat exterior coating. Wont burn or tarnish like stainless or alloy. 

  • Screwed brass socket for more permanent installation if preferred.
  • Simple illustrated instruction booklet, recipes and guides.
  • Digital probe thermometer for precise smoking temps.
  • 2 x 500 gm packs of Eco-Smoke 'food safe' wood smoking chips.
  • 240 v  Twin outlet, high output electronic control
  • variable speed venturi air pump. 

Each Bloke comes with a lifetime Guarantee. Cant break it!